Here you are. A bit overwhelmed maybe, but ready to discover new professional ground, right? Ready to enter the world of Public Relations & Spokesmanship through the front door.

But why start blogging?

Simple. When you start (or continue) your personal branding story, a future job in Public Relations or as a spokesman will appear more easily.

To land a great internship a lot of HR managers will Google you and ask for a portfolio. So what better way to show your skills than on your own website. Whether it’s a vlog, a podcast or a blogpost, the number one tip is: show your work.

LinkedIn is networking heaven

Share your insights. On Twitter (a lot of journalists share breaking news there), on LinkedIn, on TikTok, Instagram and more. Follow the right people in the business, interact with interesting content and build long-term relationships.

“Never a failure, always a lesson”

Rihanna – (tattoo on her chest)

Your blog is the perfect excuse to network. Ask a spokesman of your favourite company for an interview in a LinkedIn DM. You would be surprised how that works. Join conferences or PR-talks and expand your professional circles.

In short, make your comfort zone bigger. Experiment with video and podcasts too, fail and learn.

Ready? Here are 15 blog tips

Geert Van den Eijnden

Ps: Final pointer? Let us help you. Ask Team PRWV anything. We are ready to help you kickstart a bright career in PR or as a spokesman. Good luck and kick ***.

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